I help high achieving individuals and organizations to:

Create Winning Mindsets

Train your mind to win in any situation.  Develop skills to overcome mental and emotional  limitations to personal growth and workplace performance.

Optimize Performance

Boost performance while learning to reduce stress, anxiety, and burnout.  Be empowered to accomplish goals without sacrificing well-being.

Implement Success Habits

Build the habits essential for success in life and work.  Implement these success habits to accelerate progress toward desired results.

I combine my years of experience in personal development, mental wellness and education to create engaging keynotes, workshops, and training programs to help my clients get results.

About Latrice McNeal, MA, LPC

Latrice McNeal is a speaker, licensed psychotherapist, and trainer specializing in performance mindset and mental wellbeing for high-achieving leaders and professionals. Latrice has an MA in Counseling and postgraduate training in coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy, and positive psychology.  She has over 10 years of experiencing empowering people to transform their lives and careers from the inside out.  Latrice has been honored to impact the lives of thousands of people through counseling, coaching, and speaking.

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